Tropic, Utah – Zion National Park

The easiest riding day of the trip. We decided to start from Byrce Canyon City today. That cut the trip distance by 14 miles and about 2000 feet of climbing. A. Couple of miles outside Bryce the highway department had decided that now would be great time to resurface the road. They had stripped the old pavement away, making for very unpleasant riding. Fortunately there was a bike path along side the road that gave us a reprieve from the construction. It is the best path we have seen, long downhills with swiping turns. The only fault was that it ended about 3 miles from where the construction ended.

The rest of the ride proved to be the easiest of the trip long gradual uphills followed by long downhills. We met back up just outside Mt. Carmel, Utah to eat and load the bikes up on the cars. The entrance to Zion that we took didn’t allow bikes because of construction and a very long tunnel.

The ride into the park was amazing. When we exited the tunnel the road began a decent into the canyon floor through a series of switchbacks.

After we reached the bottom we unloaded the bikes and road up the canyon road. The road was restricted to busses, bikes and a few cars. The views were spectacular.

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