Cascade Locks to Goldendale

Remember a few days ago when I was complaining about the cool dreary weather? I take it all back. It was HOT this afternoon. By the end we would have given anything for a little rain or a few clouds. More about that later.

We left Cascade Locks this morning and after a few miles of rolling terrain we started climbing. Joe jumped out and climbed the first hill as Neal, Vern and I were making sure we were going the correct way. Joe had gone the right way and when he returned and said “I think we’ll need our granny gears today”. We knew it was going to be hard.



We dropped back down and rode along the river for several more miles. The views were very nice.



We climbed back out of the river valley to a state park that only allowed bikes and people walking or running. The views from this trail were equal to anything we have seen.




This is the park that was pictured in the April issue of Bicycling Magazine.


At the end of the park we continued to ride along the ridge until we came to a lookout point where we watched the road twist back down again. That little person way down there is me chasing Joe.



After a lunch stop in The Dalles, we crossed the Columbia River back into Washington.

That was when it got really hot and windy. We climbed and climbed until all of us except Joe cried uncle. Joe road the last 10 miles in by himself. Is anyone surprised that Joe finished the ride?




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