Bellingham to the Canadian Border

We were lucky to be joined on our ride today by Robin Holcomb and Mike McQuaide. Mike is the author and photographer of 75 Classic Rides in Washington.


Several of our rides these past few days were from Mike’s book. Checkout his blog.

We rode along the border,on the U.S. side for several miles. There were no fences only a small ditch separated the two countries. There were cameras on poles looking down the border.





We continued down the road a couple more miles to the border crossing.

Neal decided he could stand in Canada and it would be fine. NO, the Canadian officer came out and told him to move back across the line.

I went back and got my passport and crossed over into Canada. The officer asked how long I planned on staying. I said only as long as it took to take a picture and ride back. He laughed and sent me on my way.



On my way back into the US the officers wanted to know if I was with that group that was gathered on the Border looking menacing. I of course, disavowed any knowledge of that shaded looking group. I was allowed back in with no further trouble.

We changed, loaded up and headed back to Seattle.



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