Goldendale to Yakima

There is not a lot to talk about today.


This is the view from Goldendale of Mt.Adams.


The first 15 miles were uphill through the Satus Pass.





After that we enjoyed a 15 miles descent followed by a 3 mile climb then a descent into Toppenish.
Then a 15 miles into Yakima.

Here in Yakima the Cherries are in season, we spent the afternoon by the pool eating cherries. Yes, I know we are suppose to drink beer by the pool but these cherries were good.

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Cascade Locks to Goldendale

Remember a few days ago when I was complaining about the cool dreary weather? I take it all back. It was HOT this afternoon. By the end we would have given anything for a little rain or a few clouds. More about that later.

We left Cascade Locks this morning and after a few miles of rolling terrain we started climbing. Joe jumped out and climbed the first hill as Neal, Vern and I were making sure we were going the correct way. Joe had gone the right way and when he returned and said “I think we’ll need our granny gears today”. We knew it was going to be hard.



We dropped back down and rode along the river for several more miles. The views were very nice.



We climbed back out of the river valley to a state park that only allowed bikes and people walking or running. The views from this trail were equal to anything we have seen.




This is the park that was pictured in the April issue of Bicycling Magazine.


At the end of the park we continued to ride along the ridge until we came to a lookout point where we watched the road twist back down again. That little person way down there is me chasing Joe.



After a lunch stop in The Dalles, we crossed the Columbia River back into Washington.

That was when it got really hot and windy. We climbed and climbed until all of us except Joe cried uncle. Joe road the last 10 miles in by himself. Is anyone surprised that Joe finished the ride?




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Portland to Cascade Locks

We left Portland at 7:00am this morning weaving our way through the city streets until we reached the Columbia river.



We traveled east along the river for several miles before the road turned up into the Columbia River Gorge.


A several mile climb brought us to the Vista house and some remarkable views.




On our way back down into the gorge we passed several waterfalls that we stopped to enjoy.







Back down next to the river our next stop was the fish hatcheries.



They had a 70 year old Sturgeon that was over 10 feet long.

At the end of the ride we meet Tom a member of the Chain Gang who now lives in Vancouver, Washington. We saw him on the STP ride.



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Seattle to Portland day 2

We ended yesterday in Vern’s home town, we spent the night in the home once owned by one of Vern’s high school classmates.20120715-200404.jpg20120715-200419.jpg
The dog spent the night just outside next to the back door.

The day started out with a cool lite rain for the first 5 miles. After that the roads were dry but we didn’t see the sun until we reached Portland.

89 miles later we finished the ride in downtown Portland. We enjoyed the finish with thousands of our new friends.

As we left the finishing ceremonies there were still people coming to the finish line. We meet my nephew Paul for dinner. Paul lives in Portland and is an avid cyclist, we were hoping he would be riding with us but can’t. Some people still have to work.

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Seattle to Portland day 1

It gets light pretty early in Seattle and Vern had us up, fed and out the door by 6:00 am this morning.

As early as we left we were clearly no where close to first out, maybe not in the first 2 or 3 thousand. By the time we got to the REI rest stop there were thousand roaming the grounds.

The weather was cloudy and a little misty until noon. The lines were long everywhere I guess that’s to be expected with 10,000 riders.

Vern was the only one of us that had any problems today. He had a flat but luckily it had within a few yards of a rest stop so he was able to get plenty of help from Neal.

Neal was able to talk Vern through the repair process.

Even after 80 miles we still felt strong and dealing with thousand of other riders in close quarters didn’t take away from the fun.
After 120 miles we finished our day where Vern grew up.20120714-194125.jpg20120714-194105.jpg

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Zion – North Rim Grand Canyon

We left Zion as the sun was just starting to shine on the top of the rim. We also said goodbye to Neal U. today. He was meeting his wife and friends later today to tour some of the same places we had visited. If anyone is interested we have an extra bike on our car, it has never been ridden over 40 mph.

In the past 9 days we have seen many really nice canyons, but today we saw the Grandest of them all, the Grand Canyon from the north rim. From this side the views are more spectacular but the viewing is from a limited number of sites. We ate lunch at the rim then said goodbye to the Utah 2 vehicle.

They started their journey home while we stopped off at Jacobs lake for one last ride. Joe started form the canyon while Vern and I started from Jacobs lake we met and returned to the motel.

Tomorrow we start the long ride home.

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Tropic, Utah – Zion National Park

The easiest riding day of the trip. We decided to start from Byrce Canyon City today. That cut the trip distance by 14 miles and about 2000 feet of climbing. A. Couple of miles outside Bryce the highway department had decided that now would be great time to resurface the road. They had stripped the old pavement away, making for very unpleasant riding. Fortunately there was a bike path along side the road that gave us a reprieve from the construction. It is the best path we have seen, long downhills with swiping turns. The only fault was that it ended about 3 miles from where the construction ended.

The rest of the ride proved to be the easiest of the trip long gradual uphills followed by long downhills. We met back up just outside Mt. Carmel, Utah to eat and load the bikes up on the cars. The entrance to Zion that we took didn’t allow bikes because of construction and a very long tunnel.

The ride into the park was amazing. When we exited the tunnel the road began a decent into the canyon floor through a series of switchbacks.

After we reached the bottom we unloaded the bikes and road up the canyon road. The road was restricted to busses, bikes and a few cars. The views were spectacular.

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